We're Here for You and Your Child

Our work is about one thing above all else the individual development of your child. Kent-Meridian Co-op Preschool has an amazing team of educators.  We have both teachers for the classroom and parent educators for the break-away parent ed sessions.


We're proud of our staff members and all that they do. This is who we are:

Cindy - Teacher


I am excited to be back at K.M. this year. This will be my 10th year here and my 23rd year of teaching co-op. Having participated in co-op with my own two grown children I have personally seen the benefits that come from belonging to a cocop. The sense of ownership and community is a wonderful aspect of being a part of a co-op. I feel like I get to know not only the children in my class but their families as well. I feel fortunate to work with children from 2 to 5 years old. I am looking forward to a great year and seeing some familiar faces again this fall.

Cris - Teacher


Hi, my name is Cris McCartin, I am the 1 year old Red Class teacher. This is my second year teaching at the co-op, I also went through the co-op with my 16 year old son, from the White, Baby & Mom class on through to the 4’s Purple pre-k class.  All five years I served on the co-op board.  I have lived in Kent for over twenty years & my husband has served here as a public servant for over thirty five years.  Working with the community & surrounding communities children is a passion & great privilege that I have enjoyed doing for the last sixteen years.  Teaching children through play, music, art, worm collecting & making messes is an honor.  Watching your children grow, learn & excel throughout the school year is of great importance.  Making lifelong friends with families is priceless.

Jen - Teacher/Parent Educator


Hello and welcome to KM Co-op.  My name is Jen Hartvickson, and I currently teach the "Red Class". I was raised and schooled right here in Kent.  I attended the University of Washington and have a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics.  My intention was to get a job as an elementary school teacher, but I ended up teaching/supporting engineers at Boeing as a Computing Systems Administrator.  After 14 years I quit Boeing, to stay home when my husband and I had our daughter.  I have been with KM Co-op in some capacity for the last ten years.  My daughter Emma is now 12, and my first exposure to co-op was when she and I started in the "White" class when she was a baby.  I love the whole concept of co-op and am a huge proponent of DAP (Developmentally Appropriate Practice).  I love working with the kids and watching them grow and learn through the school year.  I hope your co-op experience will be as wonderful as mine was a parent and still is as a teacher.

Susanne - Teacher/Parent Educator


My name is Susanne Brach and I am a Parent Education instructor and Preschool teacher at KM co-op. I have been a preschool teacher at KM for the last 9 years. This will be my first year as a Parent Education instructor. I have a BA degree in Child Development and have worked with children for the last 24 years. I have two daughters who went to the preschool. They are 12 and 14 years of age. I embrace the co-op philosophy and believe children learn best through play. I look forward to working with all the families this coming year.