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Class Job Descriptions

2-3 Persons

Compiles a collection of memories from their class' year in preschool in whatever form the class decides (memory book, scrapbook, video, etc). They are responsible for the necessary footwork throughout the year to prepare the project (cost estimates, taking/collecting pictures, design covers, obtain supplies, etc).

Excursion Coordinator
3 - 5’s Classes only, 1-2 Persons

After consulting with the Classroom Teacher, makes all arrangements for field trips for the class. Provides handouts such as maps, directions and instructions. If appropriate, distributes and collects consent forms, collects money, and arranges transportation (assigns people to cars, etc.). Writes thank you notes to organizations, and compiles information in the excursion notebook.

Schedule Coordinator
3 - 5’s Classes only, 1 Person

Plans and distributes the monthly schedule of parents’ classroom work assignments at least one week before the schedule takes effect. Responsible for rotating the job assignments equally among all class members and making a note on the schedule of the dates the Parent Education Instructor will be in the classroom. Class members are responsible for finding replacements should they be unable to work scheduled days. One copy of the schedule should be posted in class and other copies should be distributed to the Classroom Teacher, Parent Education Instructor and each class member.

Teachers Aide
1-2  Persons

Assists the Classroom Teacher in general preparation of class materials such as cutting patterns, displaying art work and making play dough, or miscellaneous tasks the teacher requests.

Class Host/Special Events Coordinator
1 Person

When a new family enrolls in the class, the hostess is to show the family around the school, go over class information and schedules, and answers any questions the new family may have. If a potential new family wants to visit the class before enrolling, the hostess will be the contact person to help the family on their day of visit. Works with the Classroom Teacher or Class President to plan and coordinate special events such as potlucks, etc. Attends functions in addition to those parents scheduled to work.

Snack Coordinator
1 Person

Creates snack schedule for children and parent education classes. Infant class will have snacks for parents only.

Class Cleaning Coordinator
1 Person

Prepares the class for their class cleaning with reminders and updates. Sets up the cleaning and is responsible for making sure all class members attend and participate in a class cleaning. Responsible for coordinating the scheduled class cleaning session, as explained in the School Cleaning Procedure binder (located in the cleaning box under the stairs).

1 Person

Creates and maintains class attendance charts. Provides an article describing class events, which is submitted to the Newsletter Editor on a monthly basis. In the 3-5’s classes, takes notes at the parent education meetings regarding monthly class business, fundraising and teacher information. Copies and distributes notes to class members. Maintains class folders, adding folders for those families who add mid-year and removing folders for those families who have dropped.

Health & Safety Representative
1 Person

Attends any necessary health and safety meetings, one of which is scheduled before the general school orientation. Advises the class about health and safety policies, procedures and equipment. Collects immunization and safety forms. Should be alert to safety issues and possible dangers at the preschool, and assist in resolving them. Coordinates monthly fire/earthquake drills for the class. With the Class President, performs safety inspection of the preschool during the assigned class cleaning night.

Vice President
1 Person

Works in cooperation with the Board Vice Chairperson(s) to coordinate all fundraising events. Responsible for class involvement in each fundraiser by contacting parents to remind them of their commitment, dates and times of activities. Attends board meetings if president is unable.

Class President
1 Person

Represents the class at monthly Board meetings and votes the class’s feelings. Reports back to the class verbally and in writing about information and action taken at the Board meetings. Voting member on Board, which can involve being on various committees. Works closely with the Classroom Teacher and Parent Education Instructor to keep class running smoothly. Works closely with Class Vice President and Board Registrars to insure financial obligations are being met and to insure smooth transitions when class members are added or dropped. If necessary, assists the Class Cleaning Coordinator with coordinating the assigned class cleaning.

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