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Tuition Policy

Tuition is to be paid to the preschool’s post office box:
Kent-Meridian Co-op Preschool
PO Box 5644
Kent, WA 98064-5644
OR via PayPal at our website:


  1. Tuition is due by the 1st day of the month.

  2. Full tuition will be charged for each child, including multiples from the same family.

  3. No tuition is refundable for days absent or days missed for forced closures.

  4. Tuition for a child entering school after the first day of the month may be prorated at the Tuition Treasurer’s discretion.

  5. The Preschool will require members to pay the first month’s tuition (usually September) and the last month’s tuition (May) at the beginning of the school year or when the member enrolls midyear. Special arrangements for payment can be made through the Tuition Treasurer.

  6. This policy is designed to motivate members who repeatedly, due to circumstances other than financial constraints, pay their tuition late. Tuition is late if it is not received by the 10th of the month. The Tuition Treasurer will add a late fee of $25.00 on the 11th of the month. Non-sufficient funds (NSF) check fee is $12.00 for each check. If two NSF checks are received within a school year, cash or cashier’s check must be used to make tuition payments. It is important to note that the Tuition Treasurer will be available to discuss any financial needs with any member and will do his/her utmost to create a workable payment schedule with any member with financial needs (temporary or ongoing).

  7. A parent wishing to drop membership must give two weeks written notice to the Preschool Registrar.

  8. If more than four (4) late tuition payments are made, the issue will be presented to the board to determine further action.

The last month’s tuition (May) may be refunded for a dropping member if all of the following conditions apply:


  1. The parent gave two weeks written notice prior to dropping.

  2. The member does not have any unpaid obligations to the preschool (tuition, fundraising, class fees, lost lending library books, etc.)

  3. The member drops prior to January 1st

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